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Share your favourite forms, handouts, diagrams or images with your colleagues. Simply upload the file and make it available in the main library.


Keep all your forms and handouts organized in one location. Build your own library. View, instantly print, download to Google Drive, edit, share, or email as needed.


Search our extensive database of handouts by name or category, view the file, and send it directly to your patient. Or instantly download and print on demand.

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We're building a community where Naturopathic Doctors can easily access, share and organize files. File types include Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, jpg and png.
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Take your entire library of resources on the road. Access your files from any device whenever you need them.

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Your files are with you 24/7 day and night. You never have to worry about running back to your clinic to get that file you forgot.


Upload and share your files with other NDs so we can collectively build an invaluable resource for each other.


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Upload your favourite handouts and share them with colleagues.
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